A New French Letter

I don’t pretend to be a writer, and bar the odd ramblings on a well Known media platform I’m quite a misanthrope, or I like to think that.

My Aunty Katie said I would always end up on the “TV” and she’s quite right with the wonderful picture of me and my girl next to the incense holder.

It was suggested to me to write a blog … to tell others about our lovely little French nest … so here it is…

Life frequently throws banana skins into our path, but they’re not always negative ... sometimes  life says “you don’t want to do that!” … dreams that seemed so far away can come knocking at the door... careers get dropped and directions get changed!

Starting on damp February evenings, with laptops and Shiraz, gleaning any information we can on where ... when ... how ... IF?

But you know … WE DID,

We found Le Couret ... in the Charente.

We never planned on a B & B, but as Suzanne says I’ve the gift of the gab … 30 years in medical sales dealing with some of the most hardened in the business.

Suzanne my wife, a Finance Director, with a black belt in frugality, felt this was the perfect next phase in our journey.

The final members of our team complement our total package for our guests … Georgina and Molly our two fur kids.

We move in one month … and it’s scary ... exciting … and I finally feel we are living life.

We hope you enjoy Le Couret ... its eclectic filled with little pieces of “US”

But more than anything, it’s a home for you to enjoy.

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